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About Me

"Yoga is the practice of quietening the mind"’ Patanjali

... which is always why I was drawn to yoga and why it has remained with me as a perennial anchor for more than 22 years. 

I arrived at a yoga studio in London with a sense of curiosity when I was 25 and I never stopped.  Beneath all the mental chatter, distraction and ceaseless doing, I found a stillness that I could keep returning to.  This stillness gave me the sense of connecting me back to my 'self', to a sense of the wholeness within.  


In the initial years before I trained to teach I tried all sorts of physical approaches - Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Sivananda, Vinyasa Flow. I qualified with Yogacampus in 2007 and in the interim years have drawn on so many aspects from teachers I practiced with, further learning and my own experience.  If anything the more I practice the simpler the practice becomes, not requiring ever more complicated poses or theories but instead this consistent returning home to the unity of body, breath and mind - and therefore purpose, meaning and wellbeing. This is why I was drawn to teach, not from a sense of greater knowledge but with the desire to share this with those who came.

I teach mindful vinyasa flow classes as well as beginner classes, meditation and I also work therapeutically with emotional, mental and physical well-being and rehabilitation.  Yoga is not just a physical practice but an attitude, a way of approaching and enjoying life so for me that might incorporate walking, wilderness, learning, exploring, making merry with friends, trying my hand at something new, time with people who make life that little bit richer...


This site is about the classes I offer but I hope it will also be about future collaborations and experiences.  About telling stories and offering links to things that I love and inspire me.  And ultimately about living in a way that connects us to our truest selves.  



what people say

"I’m so grateful to have found Sacha.  

Her classes are a haven of calm in a hectic week.  I particularly appreciate her reminders to work with our own bodies' capabilities and not move in ways that aren't right for us.  

A perfect balance of mind and body and I always leave feeling better than when I arrived."


- Kate H


- Allie

what people say

"Sacha is an exemplary teacher in every sense. She teaches a wonderful yoga practise with both professionalism and humour; she instills calm and control and encourages the class to attempt new poses whilst always ensuring their safety.  She shows capability, sensitivity, compassion and modesty and has the ability to teach both beginners and those with a more advanced practise.

I am delighted to practise with Sacha and would highly recommend her."

- Allie





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 Stretch & Breath

An evening practice to come home to body, mind and breath. 

6:15pm - 7pm



 Mindful Flow
Cowdray Hall

Lovely, steady flowing practice to end the week

9:30am - 10.45am
1hr 15min





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